Friday, January 9, 2009

Just me and "bird"

Just me and "bird" driving to Saint Louis. Urology at 10:00, and echo cardiogram at 11:30, maybe a short NICU visit, if things are flowing well.

Concerns with urology are:

being able to bring both testes down, if one is attached to an organ like the kidney it is very possible it would just be removed.

Because he has already had abdominal surgery (malrotation of intestines) the scar tissue could interfere with how they go about performing the surgery.

Concerns with echo:
PDA is bigger or is causing heart complications.....Unlikely. I will let you know how it all went tonight.
p.s. We have taken our tree down, this was the most recent picture of Alex and I, I thought it went well with the title....(Noah took the picture)


Kelly said...

Hey nobody is judging you could still have your tree up!! :)

Good luck today!

Kelly W.

Kelly said...

Good Luck with the appointments! Thinking of the little bird. Kelly F

Laurie in Ca. said...

Sweet picture Jessica. I love this little bird and am praying all goes well today with your appointments. Tell Noah that he is a great picture taker.:)

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Rebecca Jo said...

Hope the appointments go well...

and great picture!

Anonymous said...

My prayers go with you, Jessica.

What a cute picture of Alex.

Aunt Mary

Anonymous said...

Hi Again, Jessica, It is a cute picture of you too!

I pray for safety and a good report at your appointment.

I love You,

Aunt Mary

Marissa said...

Praying for good outcomes to all the appointments.

Great job taking the picture Noah!!


Jenn said...

I hope the appointments all go well. No surprises.

I just had to say this... I've never noticed, but you and Alex have the same nose. Either that, or the picture somehow makes it LOOK like you do... Too cute. :)

Myssie said...

Good luck with your appointment today!!