Friday, January 30, 2009

bloggin with bird......

Hi, I know you have all been awaiting hearing from me...Here I am!

Look at me Cheri! Remember that boy who couldnt swallow, and gagged when you touched his cheek?

Trying to pull up on everything.....

Love my pink phone skin!

Great news!
Daddy brought his lap top home so I can kick it in my crib, get my water, and blog at you all.

Its been a great week, I have really taken to this eating thing, I don't know what I was waiting for, I can down an ounce of food in 10 minutes, and it used to take me 40. I like to hold bananas and take bites from them. I love eating! Don't know why momma calls me bird, I'm really becoming more of a monkey.

I have the sniffles, big Noah and big Joel, brought them home from school but its all good I can handle my secretions!

My favorite thing in the whole world besides mommas mouth is mommas phone skin, I put it in my mouth and just go about my business, it meets some serious sensory issues goin on up in here! LOVE IT!

I'm trying to pull up to anything and everything, I can get up on my knees, and I'm trying real hard to stand. Ill get it, I'm so sure I will.

Hold on I have to press my aquarium toy, its hard to type with little light in here.
OK, I'm back.

Momma has been really tired lately, that little brother or sister of mine is taking her down. Sometimes she makes this really icky sound like I do whenever I reflux and my milk comes back up, not sure what that is about, but I wish she would stop. Speaking of my reflux, I havent thrown up in almost 2 weeks, when momma and daddy used to feed me they would have towels ready and near to try and catch my throw ups, now i don't think they even think about it anymore. I am taking some serious steps forward here people! Eating, moving, not throwing up, whats the problem?

I guess I have given you all the updates on me, I do have two big brothers you know. Noah dint strike out once at his baseball game tonight! He is really getting good at it, and dont worry it was indoors. Joel loves his swimming and was excited when he beat the other kid in his swim lessons yesterday. Noah has chosen to do the planets and space class in Saturday scholars this spring, and momma is helping Joel prepare for kindergarten next fall.

A for sale sign has gone up in our yard, we have got to get some more room up in this family. We need one more bedroom and a place designated for toys only. This move needs to happen asap, can you imagine 6 people living in this house? Oh, I guess most of you don't know where we live, but I'm here to say this house wasn't made for anymore than we got, plus momma watches two extra kids after school, so if anyone wants to buy our house just email momma!

I could go on, especially since I have all night, since I am getting my water and all, but I really need my rest to get over this cold, so I gotta go.
I love my peeps! Be back in a week for more bloggin with bird!


Kelly said...

Hey Bird....
AnnaKate here! Thanks for keeping me up to date on what's going on with you. A laptop in your are hot stuff. I am glad you are doing better with your eating. I love to eat! Sometimes I go in the pantry when mom's not looking and get out the Cheerios all by myself.
Go easy on your mom...I don't think she is feeling well!!
Your friend, AnnaKate

Finding Normal said...

Bird and all,
Great to hear from you! I'm so excited that you're eating and pulling up. I know that makes Mama happy!
Good luck with the sale. We've debated, but the market is so slow around here, so we're putting it off. And the thought of having to keep it ready to show scares the poop outta me.

The VW's said...

AWESOME JOB ALEX!!! You are cruising right along! I bet this makes your momma real happy! It was great hearing from you! Have a terrific weekend!

Kristi said...

So sweet. Good to hear from you Alex. Take care of mama I know how she feels. It isn't pretty but she will get through it with your help...

Rebecca Jo said...

Just adorable!!! Good luck with the sale of the house too... lots of changes coming!

Marissa said...

I love hearing from you Bird! You are one cool kid with a lap top in your crib. Awesome! Keep up the good work with eating and pulling up.

I look forward to next week when I can hear it straight from the horse's (or bird's... or monkey's) mouth!!

Love ya,


Staci said...

Thanks for the updates "Bird" :) You are getting really good at this blogging business. Glad to hear the eating is going so well!

Ally in Wonderland said...

I love Blogging with Bird days!!

I love how you cheer your big brothers on! I know you'll be great with Baby too. Maybe you could teach your mommy your secret of how you stopped throwing up? I'm sure she'd love to know. ;)

Feel better! (your mommy too, tell her only a few more weeks...)

Sawyer said...

Wow, Bird. It sounds like you are doing some pretty sweet stuff. Keep up the good work, Momma introduced me to bananas this week and I think they taste pretty good too. Keep up all of the good work.

Sawyer, the Monkey.

Cathy said...

So glad for all your great strides. I am so sorry your mommy is sick and hoping she kicks this soon also.