Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Update on bird

The great news is that he is sleeping great a night, I was worried about lowering his crib during the "germ"season because I know sleeping elevated when you are sick helps you breath. It doesn't seem to bother him though, and in protest to the harness he has slept on his back every night since we let him loose.

The good news is that he is tolerating his feeds congestion and all, like I said we are doing all our peptamin during the day, and only water at night. He is pooping almost every day, with his night feedings he would poop every three days or so, but since we have moved all his feed into the day, he has been pooping more.

Still congested, but more himself. I have been giving him an occasional breathing treatment, he isn't wheezy, but something about spraying him in the face, and beating his back makes me feel better about all that green snot. Tis the season!


Marissa said...

Glad to hear that he is feeling better. Gotta love poop!

How about you though??

Praying things get better all around in the Pruitt household soon.


Michelle said...

Green snot out always better than green snot in...and poop, what can I say, always a good thing. Hope he's on the mend.

Cindy said...

The last five words of your post made me think you're implying that green snot is festive and goes with Christmas! ;)

So glad he's doing better.

Holly said...

So good to hear that your bird is better! No fun having a sick baby, but especially at Christmas.

Christine said...

Thanks for updating us.

So glad to hear Alex is doing better. Pooping everyday is quite an accomplishment. Way to go Alex.

Hope everyone else is doing well in your household.