Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My bird is sick.

I cant write a funny, cute, or deep, touching post when I'm caring for a sick boy.
Alex caught Joel's icky cold, bad cough, lots of snot. Grumpy, grumpy child.
He does not want to be put down.
I knew I shouldn't do it, but I ignored all my instincts and tried to feed him every last bit of that 6 ounces of peptamin for his first feed yesterday, and yes, he threw up. Too much coughing and snot in his belly. Next two feeds were half peptamin half pedialyte, went fine. Man does it hurt to watch an hour and 40 minutes of tube feeding come back up all over the jumperoo.
I must tell you though that before this cold, he was tolerating 6 ounces three times a day!!! He used to throw up on three. He gets all his peptamin during the day now, hopefully this brings more hunger cues, and more typical eating.
Throw some sick on top of special needs, and I'm done. Tired. I have nothing to write. Please feel better soon bird. ( that's what I call him), not sure why, but I call him bird.

p.s. Why do people send their kids to school sick?


Food Chaining said...

Oh my boy! Now, as for feedings, you were right on with modifying them, even if the Jumperoo had to take a big hit first...Hee hee.

I sometimes start with a straight Pedialyte mini-feed in the morning just to settle the belly with all the drainage and yuck and then feed.

Jessica makes an important point to apply to tube feeding regimens. Now, think about when you are sick with a nasty cold. How do you eat? We eat differently and we alter our volume. But it also applies every day. We take breaks when we eat by mouth. But we tend to push a tube feed too fast without those breaks. We tend to feed very regular amounts at each feed, yet when you eat by mouth, you eat different volumes at different times. You might eat a little breakfast, a bigger lunch, a few snacks and a big dinner. Or some people eat a big breakfast and go down to smaller amounts at night. This is the way people eat in France, less in the stomach at night. Some kids can't handle that higher volume all the time. Maybe a larger bolus one feed, a smaller the next and so on..at the end of a 24 hour period you get the same amount total in, but you have varied the amount a bit. This can help stimulate hunger in some kids too. Something to think about.
Jess, hug my boy for me. I miss him more than words can say.

Laura Q. Stone said...

I hope Alex gets better really soon!

Staci said...
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Staci said...

I hope Alex gets better soon. Is he able to get a flu shot with his special needs? My 1 year old is on day 5 of this cold and we started out with a high fever as well. I hope Alex is able to get back to his regular eating schedule easily once he gets better.

As a former teacher of first graders I can understand what you mean about people sending their sick kids to school. The kids would come in with fevers, or saying they had thrown up that morning. I also had kids come in with full blown pink eye as well as other contagious viruses that parents admitted to knowing about but sent the kids to school anyway...UGH! I always sent the kids to the nurses office first thing and 9 times out of 10 they were sent home. I actually had parents tell me (or the nurse...who later told me) that they knew they child was sick but they had a meeting at work or another appointment and figured the child would be fine. I guess they didn't bother to think about the 16 other kids and the (sometimes pregnant) teacher that their child could also infect. Go figure.

Cindy said...

So sorry to hear! I hope Alex is better soon. I always had to tell myself to cut Natalie's bolus in half when she was sick, then work our way back up to non-sick volumes when she started feeling better. You're right...there's nothing like the "I should have known better" feeling when I was cleaning up the reflux/throw up after forcing her to eat the normal amount.

Putting sick kids with well kids is one of my major pet peeves!

trista said...

Oh, I feel for you.
I can seriously not stand parents who send their sick children around other children.....or better yet, when the sick adult still comes around. Yeah, no thanks! Yep...I'm one of those germ-a-phobes!!!!

connie said...

Oh, I'm sorry he's sick. We're going through the same thing, wondering about volume when she gets sick, but for some reason, I feel really clear about what you have said ... the part about not stuffing her if she's sick. So when she runs a fever, now, I've been giving her Pedialyte first, and waiting before feeding ... or I just replace a feeding entirely with Pedialyte. Yeah, it's (way) fewer calories, but she needs the extra fluids and doesn't need vomiting. Everyone loses a bit of wt with sickness.

Don't forgot the bonus that comes with the tube! You can hook it up and pull some out so he doesn't have to retch and all. If you ask me what I love about tubes, that one is right up there! But I know it doesn't help if you have no warning.

I hope you and Alex get a nice little nap in the middle of the day. I know you need one about now.

The VW's said...

Get better soon Alex!!!

hennhouse said...

I hope he feels better soon!

Myssie said...

I hope that Alex gets to feeling better soon. It is no fun being sick!

Marissa said...

Hoping and praying Alex gets better soon. And mommy can get some much needed R & R and feel better soon too!

Love you guys,


Kelly said...

Hope your little bird is back to himself soon. 'Tis the season for cutting back on tube feeds to account for the extra snot and cough! Arg! Max seems to be having a better start to this cold season than last year. It does get better!

It is funny how we come up with names for our kids. I use to call Max "bubbies" and now I call him "keeter". I cannot explain. . . really, I cannot.

Give Alex a big hug!

Michelle said...

Well, that totally sucks...tis the season. I know what you mean...I guess it's just inevitable but like fifty million times harder with our special babes. UGH, will pray for quick recovery.

Kristi said...

I am praying that Alex feels better soon. And that you get some rest.

nola said...

I am praying for little Alex to get over this cold in record time. I am so sorry!

3 Little Snaps said...
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3 Little Snaps said...

I hope he feels better soon. It is never fun having a sick kid especially this time of year!

Laurie in Ca. said...

I am so sorry to hear that Alex is sick and I am praying for him to get well soon. I love your nickname for him, Bird. It's sweet.


Christine said...

Hope your little bird feels better soon.
I have always found that pedialyte feeds for the first 24 hours helps to flush out the mucous in their system. It's such an effort to get the feeds into them isn't it. So frustrating.
Praying Alex gets healthy quickly.


Jodes said...

Praying that your dear little bird feels much better soon!