Friday, December 12, 2008


Here are his numbers:

Cognitive he is at 8 1/2 months

receptive and Expressive language 6-7 months

Gross motor 7months

Fine Motor 9 months

Social 8 1/2 months

Self help 71/2 months

Visual Motor 9 months

Object manipulation 12 months

Stationary 11 months

Locomotion 11 months

I sat here and thought, do I want to put these numbers out there?

Tell everyone how delayed my son is.

With Noah and Joel it was look how far ahead my boy is, and Alex is delayed in every area. Maybe I should be sad, but I'm not.

This is where Alex is, and I love Alex, I'm proud of Alex. Global delays and all.

I'm proud to say that he has improved in every area, jumping 4-6 months in 6 months time!!! I'm not ashamed that Alex has delays, I'm proud of his improvements, I'm not sad that he is behind, I'm excited how far he has come!!!!

You are loved Alex, keep showin off!

That's all I have to say....................................


Cathy said...

And you keep saying it loud and clear. He is doing so well! What are numbers anyway? Someone else perceptions, a scale someone said was the norm. Anyway, it is boring to be like everyone else. We are so proud of you Alex, keep up the hard work.

Kelly said...

And that is how you have to keep handling those numbers. Even the kindest professional will throw those numbers around. I feel the same way....I am really proud of how well AnnaKate is doing. our baby book we will create our own numbers page. How many smiles they get each many lives they many hearts they will melt!! Those numbers will be over the top!!
Kelly W.

Anonymous said...

those are some awesome numbers!! so awesome!!!

Our Journey said...

go alex! you are doing great little man!!! you and frankie are on the same level , cant wait for yall to meet and play!

Toodlebuggs said...

He is amazing and numbers are just numbers. Every child should be on their own schedule. I come to your website daily just to see that smile he has. He touches people with that smile and nobody can put a number on that!

Jess and Krissy said...

Alex is gorgeous. I love to read your posts and see his sweet little smile. You SHOULD be proud of him. I'm so glad that you are. So many parents aren't. I love the pictures of him in his elephant suit. So funny.

Please know there are people you don't even know praying for you, Alex, and your family.

Melanie said...

You should be very proud of him! He is doing superb! He is working in "alex time" and that is all that matters. He is making improvements, he isn't at a stand still...they may be small improvements to some but huge to Alex and his family!

Anne said...

I love your blog, I found it through The Stansfield Journey. Alex is such an adorable little boy and has achieved so much, I know his numbers will continue to improve.

At 22 months our daughter has similar numbers. And I know it is difficult to hear the scores our children receive from the standardized evaluations. But everyday is a miracle to our children who learn and grow at their own pace.

Mandy said...

What progress he's made! Don't worry about where he is or isn't, focus on how much he's progressed. It's amazing! He's a beautiful child with a gorgeous smile!

Cindy said...

He's doing great! So many kids develop at different rates, even RTS kids, and what Alex is doing now is really good and he will do even better in the future. The difference is his family!

angie said...

Those numbers are AWESOME!! You go Alex! I know that I've said this before...but I haven't looked at Emma's "numbers" since she was 18 months old. It's not that I'm trying to bury my head in the sand, but I just want to know what her next goal is and not measure her against "typical". Our kiddos work on their own time...and it is perfect! Alex is doing great....and he is a true miracle!

Finding Normal said...

Great progress, Alex!
I don't deal with those at all. I'm not sure they are even mentioned at our IFSP, just where he is on the continuum. Developmental peds always insists on putting a number on her, and I just say LA LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU! because I really don't think it helps. I want to focus on where she's at and what she's working on, not how far "behind" she is. I know she's delayed. And always will be. But as long as she keeps moving forward, I'm thrilled. :)

Rebekah said...

Yep, that boy is right where he is supposed to be. Go Alex!!!

It was the other way around with us... Ricky was my first and he was behind in everything (due to being a premie) for quite a while... Then I had two who were right on target or ahead of the game. It was weird to get used to. A *different* new kind of normal.

Again... Go Alex! Woo hoo!

Kelly said...

Love how you handle the numbers. BTW, I think his numbers look great! He is going great! Kelly F

Food Chaining said...

Those numbers are based on what the test looks for...they don't measure everything he knows. Take that from a person who does tests that come up with numbers...there is so much more in the world, than what is measured on a test.

Anonymous said...


I discovered your blog on Friday and have been so captivated by Alex that I spent the best part of this weekend reading your blog from start to finish!

Alex is so sweet.. and those deep blue eyes have so much love and happiness in them.

You and Alex are very lucky to have each other. I know in some of your posts you feel a bit down and overwhelmed, but I also know that when you look at Alex it is all worth it.. you have such a special relationship with this little boy - some people can go a lifetime without knowing that kind of love.

I am so taken with Alex I am now a follower of your blog and look forward to watching this precious little being go from strength to strength!


Christine said...


I've been thinking about this since I read your post yesterday...
I think it's crazy that our RTS sweeties are being compared to " Normal" kids ( Whatever normal means) Even normal kids can be delayed
Sometimes I think the numbers are there for the benefit of the therapist. After all the numbers don't change how we do things for our children, I plug away and help Nathan in whatever he needs as you do with Alex. When they finally get there it's such a huge deal that's what my focus is. Wow look how hard he worked and he figured it out, I'm so proud of him.
One of my therapist would often say to me, " Do you remember right before Alyssa crawled she had to do this?' And my thought was "no" because I didn't analyze every little thing she did or comprehend the effort that went into it.
I think Alex is doing great and he's come a long way and you have much to be proud of. He puts smiles on my face everyday that I visit your blog and I only hope we can be lucky enough to meet in person one day.
Keep up the super work, you are indeed a very good mom and Alex knew that when he picked you to be his mom!



connie said...

Maybe it's just a sign to us that we have been doing it the wrong way, all along. Maybe we needed to realize that when we were saying, "Look at my kid who's so far ahead of his peers," some other mommy was feeling sad because her kid can't learn math that fast, or run as fast, sing as much on tune, .... whatever is our kids' areas where they excel, someone is being compared to them, and maybe not so favorably. We've all been guilty of it, but it's our turn to learn how that can hurt. I really find myself stopping, now, when I start to boast, and considering the audience. Even just the imagined audience. Because really, if our kids get straight A's, we can be seriously proud of them for their hard work .... and good attitudes. Everything else is a gift, and I'm embarrassed (now) that I took such pride in something that is purely gifted to my kids, and not as important as how hard they try or how kind and loving they are to each other and toward others.

By the way. I just see numbers. Honestly. Without anything to compare them to, I assume he's racing ahead of Mallorie in lots of areas (because he can crawl, move, pick things up, etc). But do I think he makes her look "bad?" Nope. I'm so darned proud of her for figuring out how to do so much with the one hand she has, and for starting to babble so much more these days! Give yourself about, say, 9 more months, and you'll be refusing testing, like me!!

asplashofsunshine said...

Yesssss, shout as loud as you want about every accomplishment! Obviously I do not know your sweet family, nor do I have any experience remotely close to what you live every day, but I do know that I love checking in on Alex and seeing his sweet smile in the photos. Thanks.

boltefamily said...

YAY Alex! We are so proud of you and it fills my heart with joy to see how much your mommy loves you for exactly who you are and she is so proud of how far you have come! I am praying for all of you!