Thursday, December 11, 2008


Its happened!

After 15 months of sleeping, elevated, on his tummy, in a harness. Alex has the freedom to roll, sit up, and go wherever he wants to within the limits of the bars on his crib.
It was time. He was starting to fight us when we would strap him in the harness, and it just didn't seem right anymore to make him lay like that. The submissive ways of my little baby in bed are gone.

His feeds during the day are up to 6 ounces, so we are up three ounces a bolus in a little over a week. He is handling it well. He is still getting about 2 and a half ounces at nap time, but I hope to slowly take this out, and add to the bolus feeds (10cc's at a time, 1 ounce a day) , and eliminate
any fluid at nap time. This is my goal. However,
The nutritionist wants
to increase his peptamin
because she says he
isn't getting enough
calories, and he is still
losing weight, this doesn't
help me with my goal. She wants to increase very small amounts at a time, so we are starting wiht half an ounce, so just 5cc's for each bolus, not a big deal. Im hoping he can either maintain or slowly gain, so we dont have to continue adding volume to our feeds.
I'm afraid adding more is going to start the throwing up again. Isn't it better to feed less, and keep it all in, that to increase and throw it up anyway.
I would like to work his 555cc into the three bolus feeds before we add anymore fluid to our lives. Tomorrow we start with the extra half ounce, so 570cc total. So far, sort of good, I think!


connie said...

"... before we add anymore fluid to our lives." You have a way with words. :)

connie said...

And, yes, I think you're right! Better to maintain for awhile and keep it all down, than to increase and throw it up. At least that's my theory, too. You can't do everything at once. Give him his freedom and yourself a bit of a life at the same time .... or squeeze in more calories. One or the other. This said by the same mommy who dropped a nighttime feeding and forgot to replace the calories in the daytime, so her baby lost 1.5 lbs in about a month. Yeah, so maybe don't listen to me.

But I think before he gets more calories, Santa's going to have to get him new PJ's!! I know I've said it 1,000 times ... Alex's pictures always make me smile!

Kelly said...

What great pictures of Alex enjoying his freedom!!
I know the feeding issues are so tough. We worked so hard to get AnnaKate to gain weight and now she is getting a little chunky. When does it end??
Kelly W.

Finding Normal said...

So cute! And don't you love how feeding has become a science? How much can I squeeze in before it all comes back to haunt me?
Odd his bed still elevated?
Bossy might want to lower it now. I can totally see him being able to thrust himself overboard. I lowered Addison's all the way the other day. The middle slot would've been enough, but it's such a hassle and I don't want to ever do it again!

Christine said...

Morning Jessica,

I do bolus feeds with Nathan too. He is also on Peptamin Junior but I now add cereal and puree to thicken and add calories in the same feed. the thicker fluids seem to help with reflux. I also add 4tbsp of flax a day ( 2 tbsp is an extra 60 calories) and it helps him keep regular. i follow Nathan's lead, somedays he does great with his feeds and others not so great. i figure that's okay and I try to look at his feeds over a week. I think about somedays when i don't feel like eating... our little ones don't have that choice ( we force them to, because we mean well). I'm still trying to figure things out. Our Nutrionist left in July and we haven't gotten a new one ( Ohh yah, it's just been great here in Canada.... but that's another story... maybe I'll blog about it later)
have a good day. HUGS to all of you.

Hope this helps

Marissa said...

I love that first picture of Alex.

I would go with your gut (no pun intended! ;) and feed less so he keeps it all, for now. Then when he tolerates that, increase volume. That makes the most sense to me. It is always such a delicate balancing act with these kids and reflux. Hope you continue to find things that work.


angie said...

YEAH Alex, and boy does it look like he is enjoying his new freedom:). You know exactly what to do with his feeds:). You are so right to only give him what he can tolerate...and not have him throwing it all up...for many reasons. I always felt like Emma had more of a chance for aspiration when she threw up....and nobody wants that! Keep up the great work Mama!

Staci said...

I just have to say that Alex is just so stinkin' cute! I love the pictures in the previous post with his face in the toy :) He makes the cutest faces like he's saying "okay mama, take a picture of this!" God Bless you all and have a wonderful holiday.

Michelle said...

so is Alex staying in his crib longer (or happier) now that he has more freedom?