Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Alex has been doing great with textures and chunks in his food. Just a few months ago he would gag on anything bigger than a dull pencil head. Now he is eating noodles in sauce, and small chunks of graham cracker and cookies. The noodle pieces are about the size of rice, and he only takes one at a time, with sauce to help it go down. The graham chunks he can take alone because the dissolves so fast.
His face gets so messy when he eats because when he sees the spoon coming he dodges it, but if I can get the spoon near his chin, he will then search out the spoon with his mouth and take a bite. Curious????

Our biggest challenge is the lack of hunger, therefor the lack of interest, but thank God we have the skills while we wait.
Thanks to Molly, Trista and the seventh graders at Turner Jr. High for donating ornaments for the NICU that Alex stayed in for 6 weeks! I am overwhelmed by so many of you reaching out and giving! If you would like to donate an ornament to be delivered by me on the 23rd of December you can email me at japruitt99@msn.com and I will let you know how. Anyone who lives near me can always drop on off with a NICU note.


connie said...

OK, if this is such a good post (and it IS good news), then why are you and I here at this time of the morning?

I've been up since before 3 because of Mallorie. What's your reason?

Please don't tell me this is when you just naturally start your day, because I already can't keep up with you!!!

Ally in Wonderland said...

Have you every heard of Orzo pasta? Its basically noodles shaped like little grains of rice, so easy to swallow and you don't have to worry about chewing! (its was got me through the wisdom-teeth removal process). The only thing is...I don't know if they make Orzo-shaped pasta in GfCf form, organic, or other dietary ways... But with orzo, you don't have to worry about cutting up noodles!

Marissa said...

Hooray for eating chunks!! That is big!

Marissa loves tastes of our food but we have to be so careful because she still does not handle the chunks well. Before she came along we took the simple act of eating for granted. Didn't even give it one thought. I can't wait for the day when she starts eating.

Great job Alex!!


ChelleyD said...

Yay for chunks! I can't wait until Lillian can enjoy the same feasts!!!

Kelly said...

Way to go Alex! That is great feeding news! Kelly F

Food Chaining said...

That is my boy!