Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving at the farm.

Let me start this post out with a little story. July 2007 was the last time I was at my parents house, I was pregnant with Alex. After Alex was born things went crazy (clearly), and once we were home it was too much to drive the 30 minute drive, just to have a crazy time there. It was just easier to stay home, and after therapy and doctor appointments, its really all I wanted to do........So as things have gotten easier, we decided that Alex's first trip to the farm (yes I grew up on a farm) would be his first good Thanksgiving. So here he is on his way to the farm.

Here is his first taste of pumpkin pie with crumbled pie crust.

A look at the farm. My home.

Castle Rock, (named after a place in Colorado) this is where we hang the Christmas star every Thanksgiving. At night you can see the star from all around in bright white lights, my camera batteries died or I would have taken a picture of it in the dark.

Hanging the star

The star

on top of castle rock.

Alex has started sticking his tongue out.

my boys.
We had a great Thanksgiving!


Kelly said...

What fun! I love traditions. That star is so neat.
Wasn't it fun to have a "normal" Thanksgiving again?! :)


Cathy said...

I am so glad you had a great Thanksgiving! Your boys are beautiful and what blue eyes they all share. the tradition of the star sounds so beautiful. Lucky

Marissa said...

Oh Jessica,

it makes my heart smile to know that you felt comfortable enough to make that trip. What a cool thing for Alex to be able to see where you grew up. I hope it is the first of many trips. Looks like a fun place to go exploring!


Long's Joyful Journey said...

What a great place to grow up at!!

connie said...

Can I tell you how much I want to live on that farm?

I am always looking for a more rural place to move to; we just can't afford to do it, right now. So instead, we have chickens and a pygmie goat and 2 dogs in the yard!

I hope you move back there one day.

Kristi said...

Looks very relaxing and peaceful. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving..

nola said...

What a great reason for thankfulness you have. Your sweet boys look like they had a great time too. I love the tradition of the star. You must have a great family. Bless you with many more things to thank God for in this coming season and new year.

The Peacock's said...

That looks like a great place to spend Thanksgiving, I'm glad you had a great time.