Monday, November 17, 2008

Genetics appointment

Off to St.Louis today for a genetics appointment. This will be the first time I drive to St.Louis without Adam. It takes about an hour and a half, I'm hoping Alex sleeps on the way down, because it will be his nap time, and is happy on the way back. DVD player do your magic!!!!

our geneticist is very good, in fact he is the head of the program. A few months ago he decided to focus on some specific areas of genetics, not including Alex's syndrome, but kept Alex as a patient. We are so blessed by all of the amazing doctors at Cardinal Glennon. Just the other day I actually talked on the phone with his eye doctor, how many doctors talk to us on the phone???? Lovin me some Glennon today!

I will update on our day later tonight!
Also, thank you for all of your encouragement and suggestions on our sleepless nights. Alex's ears have always checked out clean, and infection free. I looked in his mouth last night and a tooth is about to break through, it also appears that he has some back teeth that have broken through. I will be asking the doctor about that today. So much to think about, I'm just going to smile!


hennhouse said...

Praying for a good appt.

And I love when you post photos that show how BLUE Alex's eyes are!

Finding Normal said...

Hoping all is well and your travels were safe and painless.
I love it when the docs actually call, but it's a little surreal talking to some of them on the phone, like I'm talking to a celebrity! heeehee!

Marissa said...

Happy travels and good luck with the appointment!

Alex sure does have big beautiful blue eyes, doesn't he?


Kelly said...

I hope the day went well and Alex showed his angel wings!

Pinkalicious said...

Hi Jessica,

I've been on a short blogging hiatus. I so loved your mommy of special purpose kids post.....I know I am late, but....

I am Sara from Wisconsin and I am the adoring mommy of Madeline, who has desbuquois dysplasia. She may be little, but every once of her is full of spunk...and I love every ounce and then some.

I hope your appointment went well today. I wish we lived closer--I'd come over some night and let you sleep the entire night.

Hugs, Sara

The Peacock's said...

Hope all is well and the traveling is smooth sailing. Interested to see how the appointment goes!