Sunday, November 9, 2008

Comfort blanket, paci, mom's mouth?

So Alex has found a new way of soothing himself. At all times when I am carrying him, his two fingers go straight into my mouth. He doesn't have to look at my face to find my mouth, he just senses where it is I guess, and straight into my mouth his two fingers go. It doesn't matter where we are: the Y for swimming lessons, picking up brothers from school, the store, it doesn't matter who sees us, this is how we look all the time!!!!
And yes, that is how Alex's eye looks most of the time. It is constantly draining from the blocked tear duct, the doctor isn't interested in fixing it, until the next time Alex is under for another surgery.
And can I just say I love you all, all of you who emailed me, and left me comments. You mommas to special sweeties who know every detail of my life because you are living it too. I love you, you are my support, you are what makes me feel surrounded even though you are miles away. Thank you so much for your encouragement.......You are my paci!


Kelly said...

You don't know how much better things have been for me since I found your blog. It is my comfort to see Alex and your family. Knowing we are not alone and there will be someone to pick me up if I need it is so comforting.
Glad Alex feels the same way! :0

Cindy said...

I'm so glad you're on the upswing! :)

Thanks for making me snort milk out my nose when I saw the pictures. I'm sure you get a lot of looks when you're out...I would definitely do a double take. ;)

Our Journey said...

ok, that is too cute!!

alex's face looks very slim!! is he still losing weight?!

angie said...

My philosophy is....WHATEVER WORKS!! If it works and comforts Alex...then go for it!! The pictures did make me laugh though! He is just too adorable...and it's nice to put your face to your name too:)!

Jacqui said...

That is funny in a really cute way - what us moms don't do for our kids?????

Just a thought - you've probably been told this. Our opthamologist also was hesitant to do anything about Matt's blocked tearduct. It seems to be getting a bit better now. But he definitely has days when the skin under his eye gets a bit red. I was told to wipe his eyes with cotton wipes dipped in salt water (that you can just mix up in your home with cooled boiled water). It usually takes a 1 1/2 to 2 days and then the reddness goes away. I think it is a slight infection that the salt can eliminate. If it gets really bad and doesn't respond to salt water we buy some eye cream - but only had to do so once or twice. Hope this helps.

Kelly said...

Good to see pictures of you! And Alex is cute as ever.

When I am down and feel alone in this journey, all I need to think about is the other families on the same journey and I think if Jessica is doing this, I can too. I am not alone! That is why I blog! Hugs! Kelly F

The VW's said...

How cute! Alex loves his mommy so much! Looks like he is your paci as well! :)

Kenzie said...


I LOVE these pictures... you guys look so sweet together! I know that this journey is never what you imagined and I am so thankful for you (and for me) that we have an outlet to share our honest feelings and know that others will support us... no matter what. God is so good and I love seeing those boys continue to grow... praying strong and healthy for all 3 of them!

Love ya lots,

Nannette said...

Jessica, I think you look most beautiful with those 2 little fingers in your mouth!

Staci said...

Love the pictures! That is so cute. Such a sweet precious boy. Whatever works I say :)

Misty Rice-Baniewicz said...

This made me giggle, my little Morgan loves to put her hands in my mouth too to suck on her fingers. LOL One time I was playing and nibbled a little too hard and made her cry, she was a bit nervous to put them in my mouth if she saw that I was going to close my lips for awhile there, but now she has forgotten all about that and continues to toss them in my mouth. Love it.

You are a good mommy and blessed mommy.