Sunday, November 2, 2008

25 hours

Apparently all I need is one extra hour each morning to get everything done, and things flow in a rhythmic, slow, peaceful manner. Not only did I lay in bed until 7:30, but I got Alex's 4oz of water in him an entire hour and a half before his milk feed, which means no reflux and his milk feed only took 35 minutes because it was on an empty tummy. Instead of ending the water, and twenty minutes later having to start the milk, the feed having to last an hour, and my entire morning being spent holding a syringe, and walking on the reflux eggshells.The entire day just flowed, all because of this extra hour.
So there is my prayer request, 25 hours in a day. Too much to ask?


Kelly said...

We are two pretty strong women...let's start a world wide movement for a 25 hour day. Who would mess with us???
Kelly W.

Our Journey said...

too funny!! today was my daughters 3rd birthday.. the extra hour was wonderful!! i still cant believe it , but every person was on time! EVERYONE!!!

Cathy said...


Nancy said...

Love your idea! I don't have feeds to do, but with 4 boys, I can use all the extra time I get!

So glad your day went smoothly. Here's hoping tomorrow is just as good! :)


The VW's said...

Wouldn't this be wonderful?! But, then we'd probably be asking for 26 hours! My husband told me that he read that heart attack rates go down the week after we turn our clocks back, due to just one extra hour of sleep! So, lets try for that extra hour! We could get a lot more done and it would be good for our health! Any ideas on how to do this? :)

Michelle said...

LOL that is too funny. The change really messed Andrew up good. He's soo cranky! He wants to nap earlier, eat earlier, and Austin just goes with the flow. Can't wait till we adjust!