Sunday, October 26, 2008


Alex is still waking up multiple times at night, and stays up for 30 minutes to an hour and a half. We go to the doctor tomorrow, but my mommy instinct tells me everything will check out fine.


Kenzie said...

Hey girl... Okay so I'm behind, but I wanted to tell you that your family pictures--- AMAZING! They are awesome and so beautiful. I went through all of them and she got so many great ones. Definitely lots to frame and put on the mantel :)

Alex is doing so well and his smile just melts my heart. You can tell that he is so happy and love it just being poured out on him... like all our babies deserve.

Praying that tomorrow will go well and you will be getting some GOOD sleep soon!

Happy Sunday!
Love ya,

Shari said...

I pray it's nothing! I feel for you with no sleep. That's a tough one!

Kelly said...

Ahh man! I hope everything is OK with the little guy and you get some sleep soon! I hope your instict is right.