Friday, October 3, 2008

Poop.Green Snot....and Oh So Cute!

Alex slept a little better last night than the night before. He woke up 3 times between 9 and 1:30, then slept until 9:30 this morning.
He woke up very snotty, lots of green stuff, coughing it up, me suctioning it out. YUCK. He isn't quite himself, and had a fever at nap time of 101.2. I gave him Tylenol, and a little decongestant, and he is sleeping and getting fluids as I type.

He also pooped this morning with no help from me, or drugs! Go Alex, I'm sure all that congestion is helping to

move things through, but YEA for poop! Again!
I took these pictures this morning after I got all the snot wiped off his face, his nose suctioned out, a breathing treatment, and his adorable outfit on him.
Isn't he sooo cute?


nola said...

What a sweet and adorable little boy. Even when he is sick he still smiles. He is such a little trooper. I pray those lousy symptoms will go away very soon.

Kyle & Tarah Peacock said...

So cute! I love that outfit. I hope he gets better soon, we are dealing with a cold and snot over here as well.

Kelly said...

I love the stripes and the cute hair and the cute face and... I juts love him!


Rebekah said...

What a cutie pie! And YAY for poop! LOL. The things moms say that they never thought they'd say...

Kristi said...

Aww hope you feel better Alex.

Connie said...

I found the coolest gadget online: =pd_sim_ba_94 .... There. Aren't ya glad you have a maCHine??!
love, connie

Angie said...

My son saw this picture of your little guy and said..."aaww, he's so cute!" His little Jammies are so adorable..he looks so cozy!