Wednesday, October 8, 2008

7 days in

It has been seven days since the green snot came into our house. Alex is still very congested, still not sleeping well, and throws up when he is flat on the floor from all the drainage. On Friday I got sick, but as of yesterday I am feeling a little better. Still blowing my nose, but I feel fine, other than the lack of sleep that we are getting.

I'm sure Alex will lose some weight because during the day most of what he gets is pedialyte, he does get his night feed of Peptamin jr, but that is only half of what he needs. I am able to keep him hydrated, and right now I am loving me some feeding tubes!!!! We would defiantly be in the hospital for fluids if we didn't have the feeding tube.

Friday we go to the doctor for his 1 year well baby, although I don't think he will be getting any shots since he is sick, but at least she can check him out. His breathing has been well, I do give him a breathing treatment in the morning, but he has never been wheezy.

Thank God for suction machines and feeding tubes!!!!!


mrsrubly said...

well mr alex i hope you feel better and your well baby goes GREAT!!! i hope you get an A+. i will pray for your family to get better! bonny

angie said...

Hey Jessica,
I bet you never thought you'd say Thank God for suction machines and feeding tubes:). It's amazing the things that we become thankful for. I hope that Alex feels better soon. It's in our house too, but AMAZINGLY Emma has not had it YET...knocking on wood as I type:).

Get better soon Alex!

nola said...

We have had this crud too. We have used our breathing machine multiple times. We used to resent having to use it but now we are glad we have it. It has kept us out of the hospital many times. We will pray that Alex gets over the congestion soon. Glad you are feeling better.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

How funny is it that we think things like "Thank heavens for feeding tubes"! We went through that in September when Peanut was sick. I hope that Alex feels better soon!

The VW's said...

Thank God! I am so thankful for feeding tubes every time I give Gavin his medicines! It would be awful if he had to take all of them by mouth!

Get better soon Alex!!!

hennhouse said...

Sometimes you make me laugh and sometimes you make me cry. Often in the same post!!

Kelly said...

Sounds like how we handle colds in our house. Increase the pedialite and decrease the pediasure. Otherwise, Max is constantly throwing up. He is just getting over a cold. We had to cancel his hernia surgery last Friday because he was running a temp and had a snotty nose. He is feeling better and is scheduled for surgery tomorrow. Hope Alex if feeling better!