Friday, September 19, 2008

Support families BLESSED by RTS

We raised 25.00 in honor of Alex at his birthday party. Thank you to everyone who gave.

The Special Friends Foundation is here to help families blessed by RTS. They help with medical expenses that can not be paid for any other way.
Like most families with special needs we all run into trouble at some point. The doctor says you need this to help your child, insurance wont cover it, many don't qualify for medicaid. How can you give your child the best to help them reach their highest potential if you cant afford to help them.
Special Friends is here for RTS families, and helps them pay for things like augmentative communication devices, orthopedic equipment, or feeding costs for tube fed children just to name a few.

Click here to give in honor of Alex and all his beautiful friends!


Kristi said...

Thats awesome.. Thank you Alex.. I am also so happy to hear of the good news with no reflux.. Is my blog boring?? Cause noone ever comments hardly from my RTS family.. It's kind of disheartening. Just wondering.

Mashel said...

Hey Jessica, so I have been following your blog and Alex's story for quite a long time now, but just recently a friend of mine clicked on your link from my site, and read your story and she was so excited because she has very rarely seen anyone other then her sister have RTS. Her sister Melissa is an adult now, and the sweetest girl ever. I know her, but never realized it was RTS. Anyways, here is my friends blog and also her sister Melissa's (the one with RTS) blog too. I don't think that Melissa updates it that often, but you could surely ask either of them some questions if you wanted too, since she is now grown.