Thursday, September 11, 2008

One year visit

We had a great visit to the NICU today in St.Louis.
As you can see the cake had a little accident in the car, but everyone loved it, and were very happy to see Alex.
We hung out on the couches that I used to call home on while we lived at Cardinal Glennon, it was nice to have Alex with us.

feeding time.

Alex's primary nurse Pat. She had Alex every time she came to work while we were there.

This was one of the Nurse practitioners that we had. She made me a calendar to put up on the wall in our room so I could see what day it was, I think they could tell I had some NICU psychosis.

And its not a visit without Dr.Sadiq. It was a year ago tonight that Dr.Sadiq was on the floor, and took Alex off the oscillator. This was the only time Alex was in his care, but he came every morning for six weeks to check on Alex. His specialty is Pulmonary hypertension, what a gift to be placed in this hospital under his careful watch.

We had a great visit, we missed Dr. Walentik, but we should see her next week at our follow up visit. She was Alex's neonatologist during the month of September, but even in October she came to check on him regularly.
I cant say enough good things about Cardinal Glennon. We weren't treated like just another patient. We were loved on and cared for, and I will alwaysremember this place as Alex's first home, and special family.


Our Journey said...

I love the pictures of him and the DR!! So sweet!!!

Pinkalicious said...

I just LOVE how you celebrated Alex's first year. You are such an is Alex. Thank you so much for sharing!

Do you mind if I add you to the blogs I read on my blog?


siscaboo said...

What an awesome visit. I love to see all the loving on him. Oh crud, now, I am crying. lol.

Cindy said...

That's so nice! I went back one time but none of Natalie's nurses were on duty (I should call and make an appointment!) I can't really bear to go back...I have such bad memories. I'm glad you can augment the bad memories with good ones.

I think it's Alex's hair that soooo makes him look grown up. Natalie had so little hair for so long, and it was so short, but Alex's is getting really long!

hennhouse said...

Alex is so adorable--and his hair is getting so long!! I'm so glad the visit was enjoyable.

The VW's said...

How nice of you to go back and thank them! I know what a blessing they must have been for you and your family at the time!

Alex is getting cuter by the day! I can't stand it!

Michelle said...

I love the pic of Alex with his dr. and he's looking at the camera. He looks adorable! He's really grown up quite a bit in these last few months! He's starting to look like a little boy now *sniffle sniffle* =)

Jacqui said...

I see that others have also commented on the BEAUTIFUL photos of Alex and his doc. Esp that one of him looking at the camera - he looks so grown up and so approachable and handsome. And that photo of him nose to nose with the doc - cute.

I can see that you were blessed with such caring staff.

nola said...

I look at the pictures and I thank God for how he has blessed you with so many caring people in your life. It is a rare thing to have such great support from healthcare professionals. Then you have such a supportive family and friends. You are so fortunate and so blessed by God. Little Alex looks like such a beautiful boy and so lovable. What a wonderful joy for you and him at Cardinal Glennon.