Monday, May 19, 2008


It is a luxury to only visit your child's doctor for ear infections and well baby checks.
It is a luxury to leave your child with someone at the drop of a hat for an entire evening so you can have time off.
It is a luxury to say you have never sat at your child's bedside, and watched them fight to live.
It is a luxury to come and go as you please.
It is a luxury to not feel like a foreigner in a strange land when you walk into Apple bees.
It is a luxury to not see every waking minute as an opportunity for therapy.
It is a luxury not to have an appointment for one little person 5 days a week.
It is a luxury to blend in.
It is a luxury when your child gets into everything.
It is a luxury not to feel isolated.
It is a luxury when your child talks your ears off.
It is a luxury when you give your child a bottle and walk away.
It is a luxury to only complain about what "things" you wished you had.
It is a luxury to complain about how your kids take up so much of your time, while you are out with friends.
It is a luxury not to constantly worry about what is coming next.
It is a luxury to be able to read this post and complain about something in an hour.
----Jessica Pruitt 2008


Devin said...

You are so right Jessica. We all need that reminder sometimes. It is so easy to take what we have in life for granted.....

Much easier to remember what we had once something good has been taken away.

Why is that?

Kathy said...

I'm blessed to have healthy kids. But I can't tell you how many times I've been up all night balling my eyes out because of a sick loved one, a dying loved one, a freak accident leaving a sibling in the ICU, a cancer diagnosis of someone close to me...I used to get mad at people who took their charmed lives for granted. They have no idea how good they have it. They would hear my bad news and look at me with pity and spologize and then go back to planning their evening events while I continued to ache. It's not fair. But now I'm glad those people exist...why should we all have to suffer...I suppose I'd rather them not have to learn those lessons.

I'm sorry for your hurt.

Laurie said...

Hi Jessica,

I always learn something new when I come to visit here. I have been guilty of taking life for granted in the past. I am thankful for healthy children and now healthy grandchildren. I no longer take it for granted. I also am thankful for you and Alex, and the love of your mother heart for him. I have not walked this road you are on, but I will continue to walk beside you in prayer, thankful for the things that I have been blessed with and not complain. Asking God to renew your strength each day with His hope and His joy. Your three boys are treasures.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

nola said...

Hi Jessica,

I am grateful for the times in my life when God pulls me up short and says, don't take all you do have for granted. Your blog is a reminder to us all to not look at what we don't have but focus on what we do have. It is amazing how our circumstances have such a great influence on our perspective in life. I guess that is why the bible says, keep your eyes on Jesus as you run yhe race of life. Jesus is our anchor through these troubled times and it is He who gives us the strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow. I pray God will give you what you need to be all you can be for Him and for your family. I'm running alongside you in prayer.

Myssie said...

So true Jessica. I totally get it!

Cristin said...

I can relate to every one of those... I had my healthy child second and appreciate the heck out of all luxuries of a healthy child...
Thanks for this!