Sunday, March 9, 2008

Riding in cars with boys

So in case you are wondering about the song that you hear, my boys love Toby Mac, and this was there favorite song on the album, Noah could keep up with it all the way through, and it was sweet to hear Joel try his hardest. We would listen to this over and over going to the store, to church, everywhere. So this song is a dedication to my boys.

It just occurred to me tonight that I have not been in my car driving my boys around in a very long time. I was always the one behind the wheel, great conversations are made in the car. I get to hear Joel sing, and the great ideas that Noah comes up with just by looking at a tree, or field that we pass along the way. I miss riding in the car with them.
My mom has graciously been picking Noah up and bringing him home from school since Alex was born and in the NICU, for those of you that don't know she teaches at the same school, so it is quite convenient. My mom also takes Joel to school, and my dad brings him home. Adam usually takes the boys to swimming, baseball, basketball, and church, and runs most of the errands that need to get done.
Since we were told not to take Alex out and around lots of people the only time I get out is when Alex gets out, and that is only to therapy or doctor appointments. I am fine with that, I will do anything to stay out of sleepless nights in the hospital alone.
But I really do miss riding in the car with my boys.

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nola said...

We listen to Toby Mac at our home too. The kids love his music.

I know what what you mean about conversations in the car with children. One of mine asked Jesus into her heart while we were driving. The subject of heaven came up and led into a prayer for salvation. There have been other meaningful conversations as well. There will more of those conversations for you one day soon. In the meantime, it is a sweet time now for you and Alex. It is a different season for you right now but summer is coming.
I pray that God will bless you today in a multitude of ways. I pray you and your family will know God is with you and working on your behalf.