Monday, March 10, 2008

No mistake

I look down at your beautiful face and see perfection,
the world says you don't measure up,

I drown in your smile,
the world doesn't even notice you,

I feel my heart leap when you laugh,
the world ignores you,

I imagine you telling me about your joy, your pain,
the doctors say you may never talk.

I see you running in the yard,
the doctors say things could move slow.

They don't see what I see, they don't know what I know:

"I am able to do more than you could possibly imagine"-Eph 3:20

"You are fearfully and wonderfully made" Ps 139:14

"You were not a mistake, for all your days are written in my book" Ps 139:15-16

"My plan for your future has always been filled with hope"…Jeremiah 29:11


Esther said...

I agree with your vision for Alex. When we look at facts through the truth of God's word, everything changes! The work of God can be seen in Alex!

Laurie said...

Beautiful truths spoken from a mothers heart. I believe with all of my heart that when we look at our children with the love in our hearts, we are looking at them through Gods eyes. He does not create mistakes, every child is a treasured gift created by Him, and they are perfect. I pray for the balance that you walk in daily with Alex. Doctors deal in statistics, God deals in miracles. I pray you are blessed each day as you keep your trust in the Lord and see the miracles that Alex brings each day.
May you find new strength in Him each day as you love this little treasure with all of your heart. God chose you to be blessed to be Alex's mommy. He is a beautiful little boy.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

nola said...

What beautiful verses you have chosen from God's Word. Alex is, without a doubt, a miracle from God and just as one of your songs says, "I can see the fingerprints of God", all over little Alex.

angie said...

Alex is a miracle, and he is perfect in every single way. He is exactly the way that God made him...and that is perfect. I remember being told that my daughter Emma would never walk or talk. She is 4 years old and she runs everywhere. She is sassy and knows how to talk back:). I love every moment of it. I remember people saying, "Once she walks you'll wish she hadn't....or, once she talks you'll wish that she would be quiet"...I never ever take for granted anything that she does. Yes, she did it a little later than other children, and her speech is still not age appropriate, but it is exactly where she is supposed to be. Alex will do things in his own time, and you will cherish every milestone that he meets...I know that you already do.

Sallie said...

Praying for your family.

Jacqui and Lloyd said...

As with many of your other posts, this one reduced me to tears. I pray that the truths that you have written here about Alex will be deeply deeply rooted in his heart and soul. I am SO thankful that it is God's(and not the world's) definition of Alex that counts!

Kenzie Stanfield said...


You honestly write some of the most beautiful things I have read... life just seems full of contradictions now. Your boys pictures are SO beautiful and I know that Noah and JOEL (I know... I'm dumb sorry!) are learning so much from you guys as you love each of them for their strengths and weaknesses, sameness and difference... that unconditional love.

Love you and praying each day!