Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuckered out!

This morning I was getting things ready to go see our speech therapist cheri who is in Springfield, "check out her link to the right", and Alex was all ready to go so I sat him on the couch because he likes to sit up and look around, and he had been kind of a grump. After sitting for just a few minutes he got really quiet, and I noticed that he had fallen asleep sitting straight up. He was adorable!
our session with Cheri went so well today, probably our best yet. He laughed with cheri, the most I have ever heard him laugh. He also is tolerating things near and in his mouth really well. this is a big change for him. After his pnemonia and all the suctioning they did he began to hate things near his mouth.
Also.....drum roll please!!!!!! He had his first tastes of baby food "bananas", and he loved it. He would taste the food then suck on his hands when the spoon was taken out of his mouth.
I am so proud of him, and ready for this new step.


petebon5 said...

your baby is so precious! wooohooooo!!! bananas! alright...congrats on the milestone!

Cindy said...

What precious pictures! He looks happy while he's sleeping!

Your comments about the suctioning reminded me of Natalie's similar experience. I always felt it was the actual experience of pneumonia and suctioning that caused her aspiration, because she fed differently after pneumonia than she did before...but it could just be the state of denial I was always in!

Great news about him tolerating more things in his mouth! I know it will only improve as you and the therapists work with him.