Sunday, February 10, 2008


Today is a hard day, Im not sure why. It is a day that I am thinking of all the things we should be doing. We should be at church right now, all of us. I havent been to church since I was pregnant. The other day Noah said that I dont praise God anymore because I dont go to church.
We should be enjoying our new family, but instead we are overwhelmed and tired. I should take my kids to school, and be there to pick them up. Alex should be getting ready to crawl and sit up, I should be nursing him. I should know more about what my kids are doing in school. All I have wanted to do is be a mom, I feel so out of touch with my older boys, I miss them.

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Nannette said...

Jessica - I just came back from Kentucky visiting the twins. April was talking about the boys and their diagnosis of MCAD - and how the geneticist told them they thought a much higher percentage of the population had the same diagnosis and were unaware of it until they were ill. The doctor made some kind of statement about "not being norrmal". April said she went home thinking "what is normal?" Her boys, many other children with MCAD or other fatty oxidation disorders, your son, Will, many, many others - people we know that would be classified as "abnormal" meaning "away from normal" and she came to the conclusion that no one knows what "normal" is. MCAD is normal for her twins sons, RTS is normal for Alex and Wills and others. Their normals are not the same, but it is their own "normal". I said all this to say - your assessment of "New kind of normal" is the best I have heard yet! I love you - Lou