Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Quick trip

Our St.Louis trip was quick, but we got a lot done. Alex saw PT to make sure the teathered cord was not affecting him right now, and it isnt. We were given strict orders to have more tummy time, and we bought a therapy ball for him to use. He also saw GI and they gave us a cream to get rid of the granulated tissue around his g-tube site, it looks so gross, but everytime we see a doctor they say how great it looks?!?!?!?

Im not sure we should have cancelled the MRI, now we may not get in until April. The ice started falling just as we were leaving St.Louis. Someone tell me the roads were terrible, so it makes sense to have cancelled yesterday. Myssie?????

We are hoping for a February appointment for the MRI, we will know on Thursday when it will be.

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Myssie said...

The roads were bad. It took Josh 2 hours to get home from work last night (it usually takes him 45 minutes) and school was cancelled today. I hope that you are able to get an appointment before April! Yikes! I am glad all of the other appointments went so well. Was the PT Alex saw Pam? Will saw her once before his tethered cord surgery and she said the same thing about the tummy time! LOL!