Thursday, February 21, 2008

Home sweet home

We arrived home around 1:30 this afternoon, everything went pretty smoothly. Just as we entered St.Louis this morning the ice started to fall, we were ten minutes late, but the doctor was about an hour late, so we didnt feel bad.

They got the iv started in one try, thanks God for getting the transport nurse to do it!

Adam and I had our valentines date in the Cardinal Glennon cafe, that is where we spend time together these days!
Alex was pretty grumpy for about an hour after everything was over, but we were able to leave about 3o minutes after he woke up, and he slept most of the way home.

He is a little gaggy for some reason so Im afraid to feed him too much. I think he just wants to lay in his own bed and recover, I think he has a bit of a hang over.

Today went really good, I am so greatful to be home, and have one less appointment on my dry erase board.

Thank you to everyone for praying for us today, to freinds and family, and to all of you out there that we havent met, but are watching our sweet Alex progress:)


Myssie said...

Thank goodness everything went well. I am glad that you guys made it home safely.

Laurie said...

So glad to read that everything went well today for Alex and for you. Yay transport nurse for one try IV. This is good. Alex will probably be back to himself tomorrow after a good nights sleep. I am so grateful that prayers were answered for this little guy.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

nola said...

I am praising the Lord that they were able to get that needle in on the first try. What a blessing. God is good!

Kenzie Stanfield said...

So thankful everything went well and you are back home! Continuing to pray!


Food Chaining said...

Tip for those dreaded IV's (my Luke has had so many I can't count, as he has cyclic vomiting syndrome)..Emla cream helps numb the skin so you don't feel the stick of the IV. I make the doctor's order it for him before an IV is placed as this is the part of a hospital stay that he dreads the most. It takes a while to take effect but it is so worth it.
Thank God all went well. I said prayers for you all. Hug Alex for me.