Friday, February 15, 2008

Feeling better

Thought I would let everyone know that Alex seems to be fine, he had a low grade fever Tuesday night and Wednesday night, but not last night. He has been sleeping well, and acting normal so my best guess is that he is fine.
Here are some pictures of Alex watching baby Einstein, our PT said that Alex needs to strengthen his neck by looking up and to the left, and the best way I can get him to do that is by watching tv sideways. He loves watching Baby Einstein movies, so did big brother Noah, but Joel was too busy, and didnt have time to sit and watch too long.


Myssie said...

I am glad that he is feeling better. Is Alex sporting a mowhack??? Too cute!

petebon5 said...

praise God i am so glad he's feeling better...he's too cute and seems so lovable!