Thursday, February 7, 2008

5 Months Old Today!

My baby boy is five months old today! On September 7 at 6:00 am I was getting things together to go to the hospital, it was Joels first day of school, and both boys were so excited to see their new brother. One of the worst things for me in all this was watching Noah walk into my hospital room, his eyes were searching all around for Alex, and he had this smile on his face, like it was Christmas. It stings to this day remembering that little face, and for me and his dad to have to tell him that he couldnt see Alex, he left the hospital with tears in his eyes.

Finally the next day the boys did get to go the the NICU to see their brother, right before he was flown to St.Louis.

Those first days in St.Louis were so hard, I wanted desperatley to be with my older boys who's lives had been suddenly disrupted, but I could not leave Alex who was fighting for his life. Five days after he arrived at Cardinal Glennon he was taken off the oscillator, and onto a vent which he came off and on for two and a half weeks. Seeing your newborn baby fight for every breath only to watch him be intibated is a hard picture to hold onto, but it is frozen in my memory. Alex went from being on a vent to needing half a liter of oxygen in just a matter of days! He has overcome so much, and is a whole different baby. I am so proud to be his momma today. I love you Alex, and Im so glad that we are home.

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Myssie said...

Happy 5 month Birthday Alex!