Saturday, November 24, 2007

November 24, 2007

Our first thanksgiving with Alex in the hospital. I cant think of much to be thankful for. Adam stayed with the older boys to keep things as normal as possible for them. I sat here in our hospital room with Alex. No one has called, visited this entire time. This is so isolating. I am so angry right now. Do people really believe I want to be left alone? I'm too tired to reach out, I'm to angry. I cant live in hospitals anymore. I have two other boys that I have not spent any quality time with since August.
I'm screaming out to God for help, but I do not hear him, see him.
I look out the window of this hospital room and I am so envious of the people walking past, driving by. Going on with their normal lives. I am froze in this hospital room. No answers, and no more hope.

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