Monday, October 15, 2007

October 15, 2007

Alex has a UTI. :-( They started treatment for it yesterday. He has to get 1 shot a day for 5 days.
At 1st they thought they would have to put a direct line back into his neck in order to administer the medication. Jessica was very upset yesterday when they thought they would need to put the picc line back in. She sat and watched the last time they had to put one in and it took three hours and three different nurse practitioners to get it in. Alex's nurse called me yesterday and said I better drive down and sit with Jessica, she was falling apart, but is doing better now.They also thought that they would need to do it for 10 days. You can imagine how relieved we were to know that they would not have to put the direct line back in and that it would only be 5 days. He has been doing ok with his eating but not quite as well as Jess and I would like to see him do. He'll get there though. Seems the longer this goes the more mentally draining it is. We are holding in there and we know that it won't be much longer.

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